The quarry is located in Jiangning District, Nanjing City, adjacent to She Village, surrounded by mountains and rivers, making it a good tourist attraction. A quarry is a gravel pile of ruins formed after years of mining. They show amazing power over the years. After years of weathering, the gravel gradually forms a hard shell. The uplifted part forms a hill-like shape with a narrow top and a broad bottom, where it shows ravines of varying depths, probably formed by years of rain. Such “hills” can be described as “unique”. If the sun sets in the evening, the side of the hill seems to be covered with a layer of golden brilliance, the protruding part is dazzling and bright, and the sunken part is dark and hidden, forming a rich layer of tones. This time will attract tourists and photographers in twos and threes to come and take pictures. Although it is not a scenic spot, they seem to regard it as a tourist attraction.


The cavity is located between the two hills, and the space inside is narrow, but people can burrow into it. After all, it is a hill formed by piles of gravel, and it may collapse if you are not careful, so people should always be cautious enough during climbing and walking. Those who are keen to explore are good at imitating this place as an adventure place, trying to show their extraordinary courage and survival skills.

When the tourists dispersed one after another, I took a few more pictures. They better reflect what I see as a quarry, with a mysterious, primitive, desolate flavor.

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