The place shown in this picture is a bald mountain somewhere in Jiangning, Nanjing, a unique landscape formed after years of quarry mining. The mountain is full of rocks and slag, naturally there is no grass, and it has the feeling of desolation in the desert.

Bald Mountain at sunset
Bald Mountain at sunset
When I arrived at Bald Mountain, it was dusk, and the setting sun in the west put a touch of afterglow on the craggy rocks. The mountain is uneven and undulating, so it creates a mixture of light and dark light on it. The bright parts show a charming warm tone, while the shadow parts deepen the sense of visual depth and appear very mysterious.

Although the entrance gate is posted with a notice to remind visitors that the mountain is soft and prone to landslides. But still, it could not stop the visitors from coming to the neighborhood to take photos and sightseeing. I saw that the beautiful young female photographer was already returning with a few people who were ready to call it a day. I thought am I too late?

Bald Mountain is not very tall, so the visitors came to go up and down easily. In order to achieve my desired effect, I was going to let the sunlight act as a side light source in order to create a three-dimensional effect, so I had to stand at a suitable vantage point for shooting. However, because of the narrow space and the dense woods that obscured the light, I had limited options. But thankfully, after a few tosses and turns (changing lenses and camera positions), I was able to take a few pictures while the sun was still setting.

Filming date: January 1, 2021

Location: Jiangning Quarry, Nanjing, China



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