I hiked for a long time that day on Fang Mountain and began to be surprised at how many interesting places this lesser-known mountain hid. I have never been very far away, and I have only visited a handful of mountains in my travel experience.

Cattle in the canyon
Cattle in the canyon

This caused my interest in the lesser known mountains to continue. For example, the cherry blossom valley I passed by just now – it was winter and the blossom season had long passed – a large area of long faded cherry trees still gave me a lot of imagination.

Of course, what surprised me even more was that I found several cows in this almost untouched canyon area. Some of them were hunting for food, some were walking around casually, and did not seem to be moved by the arrival of strangers. I suspected that this might be a family cow, so I looked around. Sure enough, there was a young man sitting in a pavilion not far away. But then look at the dress and not like the local farmers. But these cattle are domestic animals is undoubtedly. Because I saw the rope tied to the nose of the cattle can confirm this. This also explains the reason for the cow shit in Sakura Valley just now. My hanging heart finally fell. Because I was worried about the presence of large wild animals here, and I did not have the slightest precaution and experience.

These cows don’t seem to understand the plight of a photographer. They were always on the move, scattered as it was. This forced me to recompose the picture, several times over.

However the final shot was going to be much less effective. The standing water on the ground and the muddy miscellaneous colors detracted from the overall effect of the picture and prevented me from achieving a glazed shadow effect. Hey, that’s it!


Shooting date: December 30, 2020
Location: Fangshan, Nanjing, China


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