What is photography? When was photography born?

What is photography? When was photography born?Photography is the art of recording scene images with cameras and photosensitive materials. In short, photography is the use of light to create images. More than 400 BC, Mozi discussed the principle of small hole imaging in “Mozi Jingxia”. In 1822, the Frenchman Joseph-Nicephore Niepce used the “daylight etching method” to apply asphalt on a tin-lead alloy plate, exposed it in a dark box (simple camera) for 12 hours, and developed a positive image with lavender oil. In 1837, the Frenchman Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre invented the “silver plate method”. The silver plated plate was smoked with iodine vapor to generate photosensitive silver iodide on the surface placed in a dark box (simple camera) and exposed for 15 to 30 MinutesMercury fumigation to developFix with salt solutionGet positive image.

 When was photography born?
When was photography born?

On August 19, 1839, the French Academy of Sciences announced the “Daguerreotype of Photography” to the world. In the same year, the book “Daguerreotype Photography” was published, which was later translated into 29 languages. It is worth noting that the commonly recognized photography technique was born on August 19, 1839. Later, H. Bayard (H. Bayard) of France announced that he had invented the “right image using salt photographic paper” earlier than Daguerre; William Henry Fox Talbot of the UK also reported that he invented paper The “negative-positive film method” of the base photosensitive was earlier than Daguerre and was patented in 1841, called “Carlo-style photography”. In 1839, British JFW Herschel coated the glass with silver halide to make a “glass dry plate negative” and used it to print photos. In 1842, he invented the “oxalate iron printing method” and first used the “positive film” , “Negative film”, “emulsion” and other terms. In other words, the birth of photography is not the credit of one person, but the work of everyone.


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