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What are color symbols?The so-called color symbol is the (social) connotation that color is given, and it is people’s subjective understanding of color. The composition of color symbol must have two parts: symbolic object (ie symbolic body) and symbolic meaning (ie yiyi). The symbolic meaning relies on the symbolic object, and the symbolic object expresses the symbolic meaning. The symbolic object is concrete, that is, the shooting object; the symbolic meaning is abstract, that is, the photographer’s thought. The effect of symbolism is implicit and obscure. The key is that the characteristics of the things the photographer shoots can trigger the imagination and association of the viewer.

What are color symbols?
What are color symbols?

Generally speaking, red symbolizes enthusiasm, brightness, revolution, joy and joy; orange symbolizes warmth, brilliance, splendor, power, dignity, and health; yellow symbolizes wealth, prosperity, briskness, and light; green symbolizes life, prosperity, vitality, hope, Freshness; cyan symbolizes tranquility, calmness, cleanliness, simplicity and remoteness; blue symbolizes freshness, clarity, calmness, and dignity; purple symbolizes mystery, unpredictable, evil, dull, lonely, and sad; magenta symbolizes beauty, elegance, lightness, and cleanliness; White symbolizes purity, holiness, elegance, frankness, sadness, and sorrow; gray symbolizes gentleness, harmony, simplicity, quietness, integrity, generosity, and cold; black symbolizes dignity, dignity, solemnity, deepness, esotericness, mystery, terror, sadness, sadness, filthy.

Generally speaking, the symbols of colors are established by convention, reflect the customs and spiritual characteristics of different cultural groups, and have different symbolic meanings. For example, oriental people use yellow to symbolize wealth and nobility, because gold is yellow. In Western Christian culture, yellow symbolizes jealousy, despicability, treacherous, and hatred. It is said that this is related to the yellow clothes worn by the traitors who betrayed Jesus Christ.



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