Points, Lines and Surfaces in Photography Theory

What are the points, lines and surfaces of photography?In geometry, points are independent tiny traces. In the photographic picture, the point has intentionality and is closely related to the size of the object itself and the perspective of space. In photography creation, selecting one or more points according to the creative intention and handling the concentration and dispersion of the points are the most basic photography skills. In particular, note that the intersection of lines and lines, and the intersections of lines and surfaces, often form a visual center or point of interest.

What are the points, lines and surfaces of photography?
What are the points, lines and surfaces of photography?

Line, also known as line. Painting term, one of the composition elements. The lines in the photography category refer to objects that resemble lines. The lines of the scene mainly include the outline of the object, the connecting line of similar objects, the dividing line of light and dark scene, the movement line of the object, the dividing line between heaven and earth, etc. The line is the element of the composition, and the main line acts as the skeleton in the picture. Lines are the basic language of visual forms, which have the effect of expressing the shape of objects, guiding the viewer’s sight, and inducing psychological associations.

The straight line has a sense of stability, balance and quietness. There are five types of straight lines:

Horizontal line. The juxtaposed lines in a scene or picture. Two balance lines have a sense of balance, and multiple balance lines have a sense of emphasis; intermittent or parallel lines of different lengths have a sense of movement and rhythm;

Cross line. Intersecting lines can form faces.

Slash. Lines in a scene or picture that are neither horizontal nor vertical. The diagonal line has the visual experience of prancing, impulsive and unstable.

What are the points, lines and surfaces of photography?
What are the points, lines and surfaces of photography?

curve. Curved lines in a scene or picture. The curve is lively, full of change, and has a soft and flexible visual effect. Human body photography mostly uses curves, and landscape photography often uses curves for composition. The curves have a sense of rhythm and rhythm.

Main line. The lines that play a leading role in the composition of the picture. The main line is the backbone of the composition, which runs through the picture. The main line can be connected in series as other elements of the composition branch.

Noodles, also known as noodles, block noodles. In the screen, the dividing lines of lines (lines) or the blocks formed by each other. The object itself has a surface structure, such as cloth, board, wall, building, etc. Secondly, line division can divide the screen into two or more surface blocks.



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