Every day we are so busy, we seem to have gradually lost ourselves in the hustle and bustle of the city. When we tried to find ourselves, we seemed to become very confused and at a loss.

In fact, we only need to slow down and listen to the true voice in our hearts, and perhaps we can fully experience the beauty and goodwill of this world.


Slow Time in the City

When I found this puppy, it seemed to be asleep.

To be precise, it really fell asleep! A rope is tied around its neck, and the other end of the rope is fixed to the door panel. The door has been closed, indicating that the owner of this house has gone out. Nevertheless, on such a street, the puppy still sleeps so peacefully, you can imagine how safe the environment is for it.


Slow Time in the City


No one will remember this pavilion, just as no one will remember you at a certain moment.

Forgetting became a kind reminder. And loneliness seems to be the home of the soul.

Tired people need time and some self-healing power


Slow Time in the City

Open a warm shop and meet warm people. Time slowed down, like an echo from a record player, babble. Memories, moving, flowing thoughts… a free will makes a person’s spiritual quality and personal dignit.


Slow Time in the City
Jiangnan folk house


The white walls and black tiles constitute the overall style and aesthetic characteristics of Jiangnan houses. The world architect Ieoh Ming Pei inherited and carried forward this aesthetic style, which can be seen in his works.


The meaning of this kind of aesthetics has the elements of traditional Chinese aesthetics. It is the poetic imagination of farming civilization, and it is the practice of this kind of imagination. Now, we should regain this belief and make our surroundings more poetic.



The content video version of this article:https://youtu.be/b8HjcXEne1Y



Filming time: September 19, 2020

Location: Changshu Zongmaqiao Street


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